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Myra Mackie
Fellow UKA Ltd
Member GPTD
Registered Care Inspectorate (Scotland)
Registered NNEB
HNC Childcare & Education

Owner of the Myra Mackie School of Dance with 49+ years teaching experience. Fully trained with the UKA in all dance styles taught by the dance school.  Mrs Mackie is qualified in 9 different dance styles and is constantly contacted by younger and less experienced dance teachers throughout Scotland for advice and assistance. 

Mum to Laura and Lesley who also now teach with the dance school. Also co-owns Home From Home Childcare with her husband Max.


Assistant Principal
Laura Mackie (Mrs. Douglas for 11 years now!)
Fellow UKA Ltd
Bsc HONS and Dip Ed (Dist)
Mrs Douglas started dancing at the age of 2 with the Myra Mackie School of Dance.  She was trained fully by Mrs Mackie (her mum) and has been teaching with the Myra Mackie School of Dance for over 18 years.
She has appeared in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and on TV.
Mrs Douglas also coaches the Scottish Starlets - who are the competitive dancers with the Myra Mackie School of Dance.
Mrs Douglas is also employed by West Lothian Council and is a high school teacher.


Assistant Principal

Lesley Mackie (Now Mrs Hossack)
Licentiate UKA Ltd
Registered Care Inspectorate (Scotland)
Registered SNEB
HNC Childcare & Education
PDA Childcare
BA Early Childhood Practices

Daughter of Mrs Mackie and teacher with the dance school for over 15 years.   Mrs Hossack is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse and is registered with SNEB and the Care Inspectorate (Scotland).  She currently works at West Lothian College and is based in the Childcare Department.

Qualified Teachers

Mrs Susan McLean

Mrs McLean is fully devoted to the Myra Mackie School of Dance.  She assists at the Tuesday classes at Letham Bowling Club, Livingston as well as providing support with preparation for dance displays, examination days and provides plenty of discussion at team meetings!  She has been with the dance school since an early age and has professional qualifications in numerous branches.  Mrs McLean was a former highland dance competitor touring the highland games circuit as well as competing at the winter months indoor competitions throughout Scotland.  Her tap choreography is enjoyed by the pupils and her recent teaching work was complimented by the examiner!  Mrs McLean's daughter is also working her way up through the examination syllabus for 5 different dance styles!  Following in her mum's dance footsteps!

Fiona Campbell (Now Mrs Craig)
Licentiate UKA Ltd.


Mrs Craig also joined the dance school over 25 years ago at the East Calder dance class. She is now one of the higher qualified teaching members assisting whenever we ask - a true godsend knowing pupils are being taught by someone who knows how we operate, the high standard that we expect and is popular with both pupils and parents alike! She has reluctantly given up teaching at the moment and is currently on maternity leave.

Laura Scott (Now Mrs Carty)
Associate UKA Ltd.


Mrs Laura Carty has been dancing with the dance school for over 25 years.  She has also studied dance at Edinburgh's Telford College.  Mrs Carty taught at the Broxburn branch for 5 years working with the pupils to achieve their best during a full day of dance!  Laura is now on maternity leave and is expecting baby Carty in August!  It is hoped that in time, she will continue her dance development at the Tuesday class in Craigshill, Livingston or through private dance development with Mrs Mackie.  She was also Assistant Coach at the Cheer classes held on Monday evenings in Mid Calder Church Hall, Mid Calder.  She achieved the first rung on the ladder but Mrs Mackie intends that she keeps climbing to advanced teacher status.  Laura was one of the first dancers to sit and pass their semi-professional and then Professional status within the UKA cheer syllabus devised by Mrs Myra Mackie. We wish her all the best for the future and look forward to meeting baby Carty for lots of cuddles!

Miss Reine Grant
Licentiate UKA Ltd 

Miss Reine Grant
2 Licentiate Certificates Now!

Well, what can we say about our Reine?!  She is completely dedicated to dance and her talent, enthusiasm, energy, cheeky smile and joy of dance is transparent to all.  Miss Grant is now a fully qualified dance teacher in a couple of dance styles (freestyle and cheer) and is eagerly working on adding to this!  She is keen to learn choreography for all dance styles and that can be taught to a wide range of age groups too.  She is sure to be popular with the youngsters!   She has also studied SQA Dance with the dance school.  Where does she find the time, energy, enthusiasm ?.........

Reine studies tap & stage, ballet and highland dancing and is also assistant coach with the Scottish Starlets and loves her cheer dancing!
She continues to assist Mrs Mackie wherever and whenever she can whilst working on her other dance formats.  Reine continues with her dancing as well as looking forward to continuing to attend university from September 2018.  A busy lady! 

Miss Becky Clark

Associate UKA Ltd


Miss Clark works with the dancers who attend the Mid Calder dance classes on Fridays.

She concentrates on Tap, Freestyle and Cheer dance and has shown a flair for Cheer choreography.   Her Cheer choreography was showcased in the Spring 2013 & 2016 Dance Displays which was held at Howden Park Centre, Livingston.  She has recently joined the ballet classes too!

She has also studied SQA dance covering highland, tap, ballet, freestyle disco and cheer!  This gave her an insight to the other dance forms and she particularly enjoys the highland dancing!  Becky has qualified as a professional cheer coach and recently passed her Associate in the Freestyle branch! Well done!

Miss Christina Corro


Associate UKA Ltd


Miss Corro has been with the dance school for a number of years.  She was a pupil prior to attending dance college and returned to the dance school after completing her HND Performing Arts Course at college.

She teaches at the Livingston branch on Tuesdays and also attends the Mid Calder classes when she can on Friday afternoons.  Miss Corro hopes to open her own dance school sometime in the near future.

She studies tap & stage, freestyle disco, cheer and ballet.  Miss Corro then decided to add Highland dancing to add to her repertoire!


Training Team Members.

Training Assistant

Miss Rachel


Miss Rachel completed her first year assisting at the Pre-school dance class in Mid Calder.  She then added the Primary age group to her portfolio for the season 2017-2018.  Rachel studies Ballet, Tap & Stage, Freestyle & Hip Hop, Cheer and Highland.  She is also talented in the contemporary dance style and has excelled in this form for the SQA Dance that she currently studies with the dance school.  Rachel's bubbly personality shines through when she is dancing and her smile is extremely infectious.  A popular pupil with all her dance friends within the dance school!

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