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The Myra Mackie School of Dance is the first private dance school in West Lothian to be accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Association (SQA) for the delivery and assessment of Dance!
We have candidates who have successfully passed National 4, National 5 & Higher Dance Units!
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 For information regarding where we teach detailing the venues, days and times, please go to the page headed 'Timetable'.

For information regarding where and when we teach, please go to the page headed 'Term Dates' 

Cost of classes per 4 week term:-

 1 dance class per week = £18.00

2 dance classes per week = £32.00

3 dance classes per week = £42.00

4 dance classes per week = £51.20

5 dance classes per week = £60.00

6 dance classes per week = £67.20


Thereafter all additional amateur dance classes are FREE! 

Examination Awards to be presented!
Gosh! What a talented bunch of dancers you all are!
Zoe loves her dancing!
Cheer dance is fun, fun, fun!


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Mrs Clark & Mrs Craig!
Showtime is fun, fun, fun!

The longest running and most successful dance school in West Lothian.  49 years + teaching experience.

ALL classes taught by a fully qualified and experienced teacher.

Classes available for age 2 to adult.  All abilities welcome. 


Training in dance from amatuer to professional level.

Styles of dance taught: Ballet, Character, Cheerleading, Highland, National, Tap, Stage, Modern, Freestyle (Disco) and Hip Hop.  Specialist Pre-school classes also available.

Please note that we DO NOT teach dancers who attend other dance schools. Exceptions to this MUST be agreed with Mrs Mackie or Mrs Douglas prior to attending the dance school for dance formats which we cover within our school. Sorry!


Pupils who wish to return to the dance school in August are reminded that new enrolment forms are available from Mrs Mackie.  These forms must be completed every year.  Please e-mail for the relevant forms and information sheets or send a stamped addressed envelope to the registered address and the forms will be sent to you by return.
Prospective pupils are also welcome to apply for an enrolment form at any time of the year.

Snacks and a soft drink are permitted in the dance class however, please note that NO nut products are allowed into dance halls due to dancers who may suffer from a nut allergy. 

A busy term ahead!  Lets get dancing!

Your Dance Career Starts Here!

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Myra Mackie School of Dance
No. 47 
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